Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sofina garners $5.3 million from province

Sofina Foods is getting $5.3 million from the Ontario government for improvements and expansions to its turkey processing facilities in Mitchell and Dublin.

The expanded turkey processing facilities will add about 100 jobs to the existing staff of 60. The company is investing about $55 million.

Last week the province gave up to $5.3 million to Conestoga Meat Packers to expand hog-slaughtering and pork processing capacity at its plant near Breslau. The company is investing about $50 million for that expansion.

Sofina Foods is one of the largest meat processors in Ontario, employing more than 2,400 people in 11 facilities across the province.

Sofina Foods sells private label and branded products under labels such as Lilydale, Janes, San Daniele and Mastro.

 “Our new plant features state of the art equipment and technology representing the latest advancements in the areas of animal care and meat processing,” said Rick Turvey, Sofina’s executive vice president for operations and supply chain.

Ontario offers 150-year signs

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is offering a free sign to any farm that has been In operation for 150 years.
The offer has come in connection with Canada’s 150th anniversary.

“The Ontario government is honouring the more than 150 years of tradition in agriculture that has sustained families and communities in our province,” OMAFRA says on its website.

“To register for a celebratory sign to note the more than 150-year agricultural heritage of your family, community or farm property visit ontario.ca/dchf .


Premium Brands buys Leadbetter Foods Inc.

Premium Brands is buying Leadbetter Foods Inc. of Orillia.

Leadbetter has annual sales of about $55 million and is one of Ontario's leading manufacturers of specialty bacon, fresh and frozen burgers and portion-cut steaks. 

It operates two facilities in Orillia, including a modern 47,000-square-foot custom-designed bacon operation built in 2012.

"This transaction is the next step towards our objective of building a leading specialty protein platform in Ontario,” said George Poleologou, president and chief executive officer of Premium Brands.

Not only does Leadbetter perfectly complement our Ontario based Belmont Meats' burger business but it will also help with the launch of our Centennial business' Ontario operations when Centennial opens its new 105,000 square foot custom cutting and distribution facility in the Toronto.

Premium Brands also owns Pillers Meats and Delicatessens of Waterloo.

"We are very excited to be joining the Premium Brands family," said Phil Leadbetter, president and chief executive officer of Leadbetter. 

"We have been doing business with Premium Brands for many years and know, like and respect its unique culture and core values,” he said.

Grass-raised beef good for the plant, says UN

Beef cattle play a key role in maintaining a sustainable food system, according to new research published by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

The research, published in September’s issue of the journal “Global Food Security”, counters claims that beef production consumes too much human-edible feed, finding that cattle are net contributors to the global protein supply, and concludes that “modest yield improvements” can reduce further land expansion for feed production.

FAO researchers created a global database of what livestock eat, finding that 86 percent of the feed the animals consume, most of it grasses grown on marginal lands, are not edible by humans.

Brazil’s bank critical of JBS

Brazil’s national bank, which holds more than 21 per cent of the shares of JBS, is not happy about the way the board of directors put the founder back in charge over the weekend.

The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) wants the Batista family ousted from the business, but the board of directors chose Jose Batista Sobrinho to take over as chief executive officer of the company he founded.

His two sons, Wesley and Joesley, have been arrested for insider trading, apparently making about $100 million on the stock market because they knew they would strike a deal with federal prosecutors.

They have admitted bribing 1,893 politicians, mainly to obtain federal loans.

BNDES president Paulo Rabello de Castro criticized the way JBS proceeded to “hastily” summon the board meeting for a weekend, immediately after the Batista brothers were arrested.

“This meeting was held outside of a working day, covered with all the details of exceptionality,” he said in a news release Monday. 

JBS said the board acted in strict accordance to law, adding that the meeting was called on Thursday to take place on Saturday, starting at 7 p.m (Brasília time).