Sunday, March 16, 2014

Black demands votes for small flock owners .

Glenn Black, a small flock owner on Manitoulin Island, is demanding the right to vote at Ontario chicken board district meetings.

Not only does the chicken board not allow those who do not hold quota to vote at district meetings, it also will not allow reporters and other members of the public to attend the meetings.

Black has written to the board as follows:

“I own land on which I raise chickens in the Province of Ontario as a small flock poultry farmers.

“Section 5(3) of FPMA (the Farm Products Marketing Act) states that membership in a local board will be defined in the

“Regulation 403/1990 (Chicken Plan) was enacted under FPMA. Section 3 of the
 Chickens Plan states:

“For the purpose of electing producer‐representatives to the District Chicken
 Producers’ Committee and eligibility for membership in a District Chicken
Producers’ Committee or the local board, a producer is the owner of a property on 
which chickens are produced...”

“As I own land on which I raise chickens in Ontario,  I meet the definition of "producer" as defined under Ont. Reg 403/1990.

Black goes on to request information grants the chicken board makes to its district committees. I think it's less than $4,000 a year - a huge support for grassroots democracy, eh?

Black also writes that “I also request CFO's written certification that CFO is in full compliance with all of the requirements under Section 2 and all sub-sections thereof of ON Reg. 421/1990. 

“If not in full compliance, I request full disclosure of all the information that should have been included in CFO's 2013 financial statements, and a written explanation why CFO was non-compliant with these mandatory requirements.”

Black lobbies vigorously on behalf of small flock owners who want the chicken board to grant them the right to produce up to 2,000 birds per year instead of the current limit of 300.

Black has filed an application with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food Appeal Tribunal.