Friday, March 7, 2014

Chicken board snags $800,000 grant

We pay inflated prices for chicken because farmers are allowed to run a monopoly and are protected from competition by tariffs of about 285 per cent.

But now we, the public, are paying these millionaires yet again - with an $800,000 grant to "improve" the chicken business.

The chicken marketing board has a balance sheet of more than $6.7 million, so could surely afford to pay for its own industry-improving programs.

The board's leadership announced during its annual meeting Thursday - from which it bars reporters - that it's getting $800,000 from the federal government's Growing Forward fund to buy German software.

The chicken board says in a news release from its annual meeting that "the SAP*-built enterprise-wide resource planning system called “CFO Connects,” will leverage best-in-class, integrated information technology and operating knowledge to enable and execute business operations, effectively and efficiently, and will deliver high customer satisfaction and confidence within a robust and innovative supply management system."