Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chinese reject U.S. pork because of Paylean

Chinese authorities say they have found residues of ractopamine (Paylean) in pork from the United States, so they are banning imports from several packers and cold storages.

Paylean is approved for use in the United States, but China, Russia and a few other countries refuse to buy any meat from hogs raised with the aid of the growth promoting.

The United States agreed with the Chinese to limit exports to pork cut from carcasses of hogs never administered Paylean.

The banned packing plants are:
                Tyson Fresh Meats, Logansport, Ind. which sometimes buys Ontario hogs.
                Quality Pork Processors, Austin, Minn.
                Triumph Foods, St. Joseph, Mo.
                Tyson Fresh Meats, Perry, Iowa
                Tyson Fresh Meats, Storm Lake, Iowa
                Hormel Foods Corp., Fremont, Neb.

The suspended cold storage facilities are:
                Cloverleaf Cold Storage of Fairmont, Minn.
                Frozen Assets Cold Storage, Chicago, Ill.
                Nor-Am Cold Storage, St. Joseph, Mo.
                Millard Refrigerated Services, Edwardsville, Kan.
                Hanson Cold Storage Co., Logansport, Ind.
                Americold Logistics LLC, Fremont, Neb.