Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Merck makes another Zilmax comeback move

One week after updating regulator status on administering Zilmax, Merck Animal Health has announced a new program designed to help producers better understand cattle behaviour.

The Creating Connections program uses videos to show farmers how to reduce stress, improve reproduction and foster stronger immune responses.

Because calmer cattle are easier to examine, diagnose, treat and move, the company said, “the techniques shared through Creating Connections will help make it easier for producers to improve the health of their herds.”

Merck says the video series will be followed by additional resources, including learning modules and training seminars, in the coming months.

It’s announcement earlier this week dealt with rationing Zilmax dosages so cattle do not become lame.

It said some cattle were getting too much when feedlot operators began holding them to heavier weights.

“The behavior of cattle — how they interact with each other and with people — can be shaped by positive interactions with caregivers and tell us a tremendous amount about how cattle are feeling,” said Dr. Tom Noffsinger, a consulting feedyard veterinarian well known for his work on low-stress cattle handling practices.