Saturday, November 1, 2014

Raw sprouts are risky food

Raw sprouts are risky food because harmful bacteria on seed can multiply rapidly under the warm and moist conditions used to sprout seed.

Jimmy John's restaurant stopped using raw sprouts on its sandwiches after some of its customers were sickened.

But then another customer sued because the restaurant chain would not put sprouts on her sandwiches, despite advertising them on its menus.

Jimmy John's switched from alfalfa to clover sprouts.

And then harmful bacteria showed up on the clover sprouts, so it simply stopped putting sprouts on its menus and won't sell them any more.

But it has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit by paying off customers who wanted sprouts on their sandwiches while that option was still on their menus.

Maybe these customers also want to buy unpasteurized milk and cider.

But maybe, if and when they get sick, they should expect to get thrown under the bus.