Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bye-bye blue cow

Dairy Farmers of Canada is ditching its iconic leaping blue cow logo.

In its place is a stolid creature emblazoned with a maple leaf.

"From a corporate perspective, the cow wasn't serious enough ... way too cute to represent a collection of 11,000 dairy farms in Canada," said Victoria Cruz, the marketing and retail director for the Dairy Farmers of Canada. 

"She was cute, she was likeable, but she wasn't professional enough. She wasn't the kind of visual symbol we wanted to use to communicate to the world the professionalism of our organization," she is quoted by CBC.

But a big question remains about the refit – will it sell milk and dairy products?
The Dairy Farmers of Canada's former symbol for Canadian-only milk products (left) has been around for decades. The new look (right) is meant to be less cute and more professional.