Friday, January 6, 2017

Cattle trucker faces many charges

Waterloo Regional Police have laid a dozen charges against a pickup-truck driver hauling a trailer loaded with cattle.

They found:

   Vice grips holding the truck's brake line together.
   No brake fluid in the truck.
   Six of the eight brakes were not working.
   The hatch holding the trailer was not secure.
   Missing inspection stickers.
   A cracked exhaust system.
   The rear suspension was shifted off the frame.
   An inoperable emergency break away cable.
   One of the truck's tires had 12 psi of air (required amount is 80 psi).
   No parking brake.
   Trailer brake lines cut.
   The cattle trailer was overweight by 3,100 kg.

His was one of 14 commercial vehicles tagged for infractions at a checkpoint set up at St. Jacobs, near the Ontario Livestock Exchange.

The cattle were safely transported to their destination and the vehicle has been taken out of service.