Thursday, November 14, 2013

Galbraith whines, counter-attacks

It's hard to know which is the bigger buffoon these days - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford or Pigeon King Arlan Galbraith.

Both are in the news for dishonourable conduct.

In Ford's case, police allege that he smoked cocaine, dropped oxycontin pills and consorted with prostitutes.

In Galbraith's case, he has attacked clients, sales staff and now his chartered accountant during a bizarre jury trial in Kitchener on charges of fraud and violating the Bankruptcy Act.

In the most recent events, Galbraith attacked Darryl Diefenbacher, the chartered accountant he hired in 2007, as a used-car salesman who was jealous of Galbraith and wanted to take over the business.

Diefenbacher dismissed the claims which Galbraith sometimes made in a whining voice, reports the Waterloo Region Record, and says he knew he would be fired when he confronted Galbraith that the business was an illegal Ponzi scheme.

He was fired six months after he began working for Pigeon King and then he began warning clients the business would go bankrupt.

Galbraith did declare bankruptcy in the summer of 2008, leaving hundreds of investors stranded holding worthless contracts amounting to about $350 million.

The contracts were offered by Galbraith to investors who bought breeding pairs of pigeons; the contracts were offers to buy back offspring at profitable prices.