Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stewart Cressman re-elected

 When I was a lad, growing up on a farm near New Dundee, I loved fishing for trout.

My closest friend's uncle owned a farm through which a neat spring-water creek ran, and he stocked it with trout and welcomed us to fish on Sunday afternoons.

That farmer's son is Stewart Cressman who I have, obviously, had the pleasure of knowing for many years. He is a gift to Canadian agriculture.

And so I was pleased to see that he has been re-elected chairman of Swine Innovation Porc and Normand Martineau vice-chairman during the organization’s annual meeting in Edmonton.

Cressman is also chairman of the Agricultural Research Institute fof Ontario, vice-chairman of the Livestock Genetics Advisory Board and a member of the Ontario Swine Health Advisory Board.

He has been a beef and hog farmer on the family farm he took over in 1980.

Cressman said Swine Innovation Porc has been effective through its membership in Swine Cluster 1 and now is about to transition to Swine Cluster 2.

The Board of Directors of Swine Innovation Porc has nine members:

  • Beth Clark, pork producer representing Ontario Pork
  • Stewart Cressman, pork producer representing the Ontario pork sector
  • Neil Ketilson, representing the Saskatchewan Pork Development Board
  • Jean-Paul Laforest, Chair of the Science Advisory Body
  • Normand Martineau, pork producer representing the Les √Čleveurs de porcs du Qu√©bec
  • Danielle Pettigrew, representing the Quebec pork sector
  • Daryl Possberg, pork producer representing Alberta Pork Industry Services
  • Mike Teillet, representing the Manitoba Pork Council
  • John Webb, representing the Pork Value Chain Roundtable