Friday, November 15, 2013

OFA picks bad timing

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture couldn't pick a worse time to release a study it commissioned showing the job and economic contributions of agriculture.

Hours after H.J. Heinz Co. announced it's closing its ketchup plant at Leamington, throwing 740 people out of work, the OFA tried to win media attention with its study claiming agriculture is driving the Ontario economy.

"Ontario’s farm sector continues to contribute billions to the province’s GDP," began the OFA news release.
"JRG Consulting Group (i.e. economist John Groenewegen) reported that Ontario agriculture contributes $13.7 billion to the annual GDP, confirming this sector as a driving force behind job creation, a stable tax base and thriving rural economies," says the OFA news release. 

“This study confirms that our sector is perfectly positioned to capture the growth opportunities Premier (and Agriculture Minister Kathleen) Wynne has laid out for the province,” says Mark Wales, OFA president. 

“A prosperous farm sector translates into employment opportunities for thousands of Ontarians across the province and in our rural communities.”  

Would you like ketchup with those fries?