Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wynne resigns as ag minister

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has resigned as agriculture minister, saying she wants more time for family life with her spouse.

She also said she’s frustrated by the intractable problems in the Ontario agriculture industry blocking her hopes to double food production.

Supply management is a thorn in the public’s side, she said, “but I can’t do anything about it because the marketing boards are firmly entrenched.

“And I have no money left to buy out left to buy out quotas because Dalton McGuinty spent everything we can borrow on e-health, green energy and relocating those gas-fired electricity-generation plants.”

“Frankly, I think Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has better character and integrity than McGuinty.”

“I intend to appoint a new minister of agriculture as soon as I can find a back-bencher thick-headed enough to want to deal with those quarrelsome, complaining ingrates,” she said.

As noon approached, there were rumours that she would retract everything because this is April Fools Day.