Monday, September 14, 2015

Corn Palace gets a makeover

The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, has had a makeover.

The large fibre-glass yellow and green domes at the top have been replaced by steel sculptures.
But the main feature – thousands and thousands of corn cobs artistically arranged around the outside – are there again this fall.

The Corn Palace has been steeped in agricultural tradition since 1892.
A new marquee, larger corn murals and a walk-out balcony have been added outside.

Tbe $4-million renovation also features new LED lighting that plays dramatically across the building.

"It needed a facelift," said Katie Knutson, director of the Mitchell Convention and Visitors Bureau. "It needed something to draw a different crowd."

The Corn Palace, which has an arena for concerts and high school and college basketball games, draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Knutson and others are hoping the new look will attract a new generation of tourists — and bring back previous visitors interested in seeing what's changed.