Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pork board’s flagging public concerns

The Ontario Pork marketing board is flagging the issues that the public has been raising about pork production.

Board chair Amy Cronin introduced two speakers who highlighted social responsibilities for 60 pork-industry delegates who met in Cambridge earlier this week.

Dan Tish of Argyle PR and Michele Roy of Groupe Ageco delivered a joint presentation on social responsibility, which was the focus of the day.

Dr. Leigh Rosengren, chief executive officer for Rosengren Epidemiology Consulting talked about antibiotics and what producers can do to make improvements and mitigate antimicrobial resistance.  

Christoph Wand, Livestock Sustainability Specialist at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, talked about environmental government policies and how pork producers can improve on-farm practices and prepare for upcoming changes and regulations.

Peter Seeman from Grassroots Public Affairs provided information on government policies.  
The board says on its website that there was lively discussion throughout the day and that a summary report will be posted on the Ontario Pork website.

The news media and public were not invited to the discussions.

While the hog-farming leaders were meeting, DuBreton of Quebec was talking to CBC news about it's plans to significantly increase its processing of hogs raised to organic and animal welfare standards.

It's already the largest organic pork supplier in North America and is investing $30 million in its own barns and to help its suppliers meet consumer demands, such as conversion of stabling.