Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Skunk with rabies in Perth County

A skunk that was infected with rabies has been found in Ellice Township, Perth County.

It’s the second rabies case in less than a month. The other was a calf, also with the Arctic strain of rabies and in the same general area.

Public health inspector Jennifer Grinstead said via a news release that the two rabies cases in Perth County are not related to the more than 70 cases of raccoon rabies in the Hamilton area.
The health uni
t is reminding pet owners that "rabies is almost always fatal," and that they can protect their animals by:

  • Vaccinating them against rabies.
  • Keeping them away from wildlife.
  • Bringing them indoors at night.
  • Limiting their movement to the backyard, rather than letting them roam the neighbourhood.

Anyone who is bitten or scratched by an animal is encouraged to "wash the area thoroughly with soapy water, seek medical advice immediately, and then contact the Perth District Health Unit."