Monday, April 4, 2016

Two appointed to vet medicine board

G. Henry Oosterhof of North Augusta and Jennifer Van Gerwin of Puslinch have been appointed for two-year terms as directors on the Ontario Livestock Medicines Advisory Board.
The government is grappling with at least two controversial issues related to livestock medicines.

One is lobbying by Canadian veterinary medicine vendors to cut off own-use provisions for farmers importing drugs and medicines from other countries.
There are rumours of considerable imports by immigrants from The Netherlands and by dairy farmers buying RBST from the United States. 
RBST has been denied licencing in Canada because an advisory panel told the federal government the drug prompts cows to maintain high milk production which increases stress.
It is licenced for use in the United States where dairy farmers commonly inject it to extend lactations for cows destined for culling.
The other issue is when and how to further restrict the use of antibiotics to reduce the risk that harmful bacteria will develop resistance and make it more difficult to treat people with infections and bacterial diseases.
There has also been occasional lobbying to cancel veterinarians’ rights to market the drugs and medicines they prescribe. That would force farmers to fill prescriptions at a dispensary, much as humans need to fill doctors’ prescriptions at a pharmacy.
Critics say the profits veterinarians can make dispensing drugs influences the advice they give farmers, including advice about simply changing management practices to counter diseases and infections.