Monday, October 31, 2016

CFA supports CETA

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is congratulating Canadian negotiators for their role leading up to the signing of a free trade agreement with the European Union.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed the deal Sunday, but cautioned that many details remain to be negotiated, plus parliamentary ratifications by all nations involved in the deal.

“This is a very positive step that could allow Canadian agricultural exporters to capture significant business opportunities throughout the EU's 28 member countries, representing access to more than 500 million consumers,” the Canadian Federation of Agriculture said in a news release.

“CFA is supportive of the deal, provided that:

 *   Agricultural exporters can take full advantage of the market access concessions that were negotiated;
 *   Safeguards guaranteed to farmers in Belgium do not impede new market access for Canadian farmers;
 *   The federal government fully mitigate CETA's impact to the Canadian dairy industry as a result of the EU's new access that allows it to sell 17,000 tonnes of cheese into the Canadian market.”

The CFA says “farm leaders urge the government to clarify its position on these points while CETA moves through the steps toward ratification in Canadian and EU members' legislatures over the coming months.

“CFA calls for the government to continue its support for balanced trade approach that strengthens and supports all of the commodities that make up Canada's diverse agricultural sector."

Now doesn't that all add up to a mealy-mouthed bunch of mug-wumping!