Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yukon Gold 50 today

Yukon Gold potatoes celebrate the 50th anniversary of their launch today.

They are the result of work by the late Gary Johnson of Guelph.

Wikipedia says this:

In 1953, Johnston was one of the scientists that owned the potato development lab at the Ontario Agriculture College at the University of Guelph.

 In 1959 one of Johnston’s graduate students, a young man originally from Peru, told him of a small, rough, deep yellowed flesh potato that was grown by the indigenous communities in his home country. 

In Lima this potato variety is considered a delicacy due to its bright color and distinct flavour.

After trying these Peruvian potatoes, Johnston started thinking about creating a variety that would have the same colour and flavor characteristics as these potatoes but would be larger in size and have a smoother shape similar to the potatoes being grown in the “Banana Belt” (Southwestern Ontario).

In 1966 the development team made their first cross between a W5289-4 (2x cross between Yema de huevo and 2x Katahdin) and a Norgleam potato native to North Dakota. After the 66th cross that year, true seed was produced and the G6666 was created.