Monday, October 24, 2016

Tory says McFall faces perjury allegations

Conservative MP David Anderson from Saskatchewan says Mary Jean McFall, chief of staff for Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAuley, faces perjury allegations.

She was in court in Toronto on Monday.

This is Monday’s exchange during Question Period in the House of Commons:

Anderson: Mr. Speaker, the agriculture minister is silent on another issue, as well. His chief of staff is a failed Liberal candidate who owns $140 million worth of egg quota. Canadians shake their heads because the minister has blindly and blatantly ignored this obvious conflict of interest. This week, his chief of staff Mary Jean McFall, (daughter of Joe Hudson who owns Burnbrae Farms) faces allegations in court of perjury over the purchase of egg quota and egg grading. This is an issue of integrity. When did the minister find out about this court case and why has he not removed her as chief of staff?

Hon. Lawrence MacAulay (Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I am certainly pleased to serve in a cabinet that works for every region in the country. Without a doubt, it is an asset to serve in a cabinet that works for every region. They help me and I help them. My chief of staff is an outstanding member of her community, is a successful lawyer and businesswoman, and has been named the citizen of the year in her community. She has deep commitment to Canadian agriculture and Canadian service. I am fortunate to have her. So is Canadian agriculture.