Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New antibiotic resistance found in hogs

Researchers at Ohio State University have found bacteria in sows that are resistant to one of the most valuable antibiotics for human medicine – Carbapenem.

That antibiotic is banned from use on farms, so the researchers are puzzled by finding it in fecal samples collected at a 1,500-sow operation.

They speculate that it could be the transfer of a gene that provides resistance to other antibiotics, and mention ceftiofur which is commonly administered to newborns and again at castration.

That type of transfer has been identified in livestock in Europe and Asia, but until now, not in the United States.

Both the researchers and the National Pork Board say more research is required to determine how this Cabopenem-resistant bacteria developed on a pig farm.

The pork board also noted that the discovery was in samples from sows, not market hogs, and insisted that the U.S. pork supply is safe for consumers.

Pretty lame, guys!