Thursday, December 15, 2016

Restaurants like temporary worker regs

The Canadian Restaurant industry’s lobbying organization is the first in the food industry to welcome the federal government’s new regulations this week for its temporary foreign workers program.

It’s likely that meat packers and food processors will be equally satisfied.

“Restaurants Canada welcomes the repeal of a 2011 regulation that limits temporary foreign workers to a maximum of four years in Canada.

“This is an important first step in making this program a pathway to permanent residency,” says Restaurants Canada in a news release.

“Most foreign workers come to Canada with the hopes and dreams of staying in this country,” says Joyce Reynolds, Restaurants Canada’s Executive Vice President for Government Affairs. 

“Often they’re brought in because of permanent – not temporary – labour shortages, and their employers want to help them stay.

‘After putting down roots in communities where they’re badly needed, it’s devastating for workers and their employers when they’re required to leave.”  

Restaurants Canada also welcomed “confirmation that the 20 per cent cap will remain in place, rather than having it drop to 10 per cent as the previous government regulated.”

The cap is the maximum percentage of the company’s workforce that can be brought in under the program.

This “will also provide some hope for employers – particularly in small and remote communities, where there are no other options to hire workers,” Restaurants Canada says.

“Extension to 2018 of the 180-day exemption from regulations for seasonal employers is also welcome, especially for restaurants in resort communities with perpetual worker shortages in peak seasons.

“The restaurant industry remains committed to hiring Canadians first.

“It is proud of its diverse and inclusive workforce, and its record of hiring from groups otherwise underrepresented in the country’s labour force,” Restaurants Canada says.