Monday, April 17, 2017

Brazil indicts 63 in meat scandal

Brazil's federal police have charged 63 people involved in the country’s meat industry.

The were already held in preventive detention.

Among them are government inspectors and meat-packing staff facing charges of corruption, falsification, adulteration in food products, etc.

Flavio Evers Cassou, an employee at Seara Alimentos (JBS), is among those indicted. The company said he's not part of its executive corps.

André Baldissera and Roney Nogueira dos Santos, director and manager at BRF, respectively, have also been indicted. It is a major poultry processing company.

The federal police are investigating 21 meat processing plants and 33 federal sanitary inspectors. 

After the investigation was announced, dozens of countries temporarily suspended Brazilian meat imports.

Since then, Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) has conducted a special investigation and found sanitary problems in eight out of 302 meat samples collected.

If you think it couldn't happen here, then you haven't been a close follower of my decades of reporting.