Saturday, April 29, 2017

Syrup heist culprits sentenced

Three men who stole more than $18 million worth of maple syrup from the Quebec marketing board have been hit with severe sentences.

Richard Vallieres, the chief culprit, was sentenced to eight years in prison, fined $9.4 million and forfeited $606,500 seized by police.

If he fails to pay his fine within 10 years, he risks an additional prison term of six years.

Raymond Vallieres and Etienne St-Pierre were sentenced to two years, minus one day, and three years probation.The one-day reduction means they will serve their time in a provincial rather than a federal prison.

Raymond has been given one year to pay a $9,840 fine or stay in jail for another six months.

St-Pierre has been given 15 years to pay a $1.3-million fine or an additional five years in prison.

The thieves siphoned maple syrup from barrels in a warehouse, replacing it with water.