Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Nova Scotians diss Ontario bees

The Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association is not happy that blueberry growers will rent about 500 hives from Ontario beekeepers if the Nova Scotia government allows.

The association fears the Ontario bees could pass “small hive beetles” to Nova Scotia’s hives, reports the CBC.

"The risk is, the beetle lives in the cluster and even through an inspection process it's very difficult to ensure that we can find all of these beetles," said association president and beekeeper Lauren Park.

The problem is that small hive beetles taint the taste of honey.

"If they were to become established in Nova Scotia there's a chance we would never be able to get rid of them," Park said.

"We have a very robust, rigid protocol around inspection of hives before they come in to Nova Scotia," said Frank Dunn, deputy minister for the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture.

Dunn said the province will send a bee specialist to Ontario to ensure that the hives are safe and beetle-free before they come to Nova Scotia.