Thursday, April 19, 2018

Consumers sceptical about eating crickets

Cricket powder became available this month at Loblaws, but it’s apparently a bust in the United States.
Only a third of the consumers responding to the April Food Demand Survey (FooDS), conducted by Oklahoma State University’s Department of Agricultural Economicss said they’re willing to try cookies made with the product.
PepsiCo is testing for use as an ingredient in snack foods such as Cheetos and Quaker Granola Bars.
In the FooDS survey, half of the participants answered the questions about cricket flour after viewing pictures, while the other half of participants answered the same questions without pictures.
About one-third of the participants who were given text-only description of cricket flour said they would try them once, while 57 per cent said they would not try them. 
Of the group shown a picture of the cookie made with cricket flour along with the description, 42 per cent said they would try them at least once, and 48 per cent said not at all.
Less attractive was the idea of cricket flour in a milkshake. Among the group shown a picture of the milkshake about 39 per cent said they would try it at least once.