Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Twenty meat inspection violations

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has revealed information pertaining to 20 warnings and fines it issued to Ontario meat packers between January, 2016, and Oct. 27, 2017, but not the names of the companies.

An unidentified applicant sought the information via the Access to Information process and the CFIA response is now open to anybody who wants it.

But none of the companies are identified and only bare-bones information remains after censorship.

For example, a company in Brampton was fined $7,800 in January, 2016, but there is no information to indicate what violation led to the fine, nor the company involved.

In a similar vein, a company in Guelph was fined $7,800.

There were two fines of $6,000 each, another two of $7,800 each and one of $10,000, but no indication left after censorship to indicate where the companies are located, what the companies are, nor what the violations were.