Monday, July 2, 2018

Big supermarket chains claim chicken prices are rigged

The largest supermarket chain in the United States, The Kroger Co., and Hy-Vee Inc. and Albertsons Companies Inc. have accused Tyson Foods Inc. and other major U.S. chicken processors of price fixing.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in Chicago and came one day after a group of consumers filed a similar price-fixing lawsuit against pork processors.

The poultry processors are still fighting a class-action price-fixing lawsuit that began in 2016.

One company, Fieldale Farms, has broken ranks and agreed to pay $2.25 million to settle claims that it participated in the alleged scheme.

It makes one wonder what might be happening in Ontario where two companies dominate chicken processing - Maple Leaf and Maple Lodge - two dominate pork - Olymel and Maple Leaf - and one dominates beef slaughter - Cargill's Better Beef.

Ah, but we can relax. Surely the Competition Bureau will look out for us. Just as it ignored price-fixing in eggs, even though it was spelled out in a judge's court decision years ago.