Friday, August 12, 2022

Farmers seek more temporary foreign workers

Demand for temporary foreign workers has soared by 75 per cent over the previous two years, topping 44,000 over the first three months of this year.

Farmers accounted for more than half of those applications.

A cherry orchard In British Columbia set a record, requesting 630.

Restaurant chains and Maple Leaf Foods were other prominent applicants.

Perth internet project completed

It has cost nearly $1.6 million to deliver fibre-optic internet service to 110 households in Slabtown, Bornholm and Willow Grove, Perth County.

Seems costly.

The federal and provincial governments each contributed $219.50.

Cargill donates $10 million

Cargill is donating $10 million US to the World Food Programme, it’s largest donation ever..

The Ukraine crisis has triggered global price spikes in food, fuel and fertilizers that threaten to push countries around the world into famine, the agribusiness giant said. The grant comes at a moment of unprecedented need, with 345 million people facing severe hunger and 50 million teetering on the brink of famine, Cargill said in a news release.

"The result will be global destabilization, starvation and mass migration on an unprecedented scale. Together with World Food Program USA, the U.N. World Food Programme is sounding the alarm, engaging private sector partners, and working to ensure action is taken to avert this looming catastrophe," Cargill said.

JBS profit drops 9.8 per cent

JBS profit declined by 9.8 per cent to $766 million for the second quarter.

Beef North America revenues declined by 4.6 per cent, but profits increased by 2.7 per cent,

The unit includes the former XL beef-packing plant in Alberta.

A greater-than-expected increase in cattle prices squeezed the company's margins. Higher input costs also weighed on the results.


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Fire claims 50 cows

More than 50 dairy cows died recently in the barn fire in Essa Township.

No people were injured.

Several farm buildings were damaged and estimates peg the dollar loss at $5 to $6 million,

“No cause has been determined yet, the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office (OFM) has been notified of the fire,” Heydon said in an email. “OFM investigation staff will contact Essa Fire (Monday).”

The property is located near the County Road 27 and 20th Sideroad intersection.

A grass fire had also broken out in the area, Barrie Fire Chief Cory Mainprize, whose department provided mutual aid at the scene, confirmed Sunday afternoon.

At the height of the incident, more than 30 vehicles from six fire departments — Adjala-Tosorontio, Barrie, Essa, Innisfil, New Tecumseth and Springwater — were at the scene.

CFIA lifts another quarantine

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has lifted the avian influenza quarantine from an area stretching from Markham to Lake Simcoe.

The outbreaks appear to be well over in Ontario.

Peanut M&Ms ranked above beef and pork

A researcher at Tuft’s University has ranked peanut M&Ms above beef and pork for nutrition.

The research by Dr. Dariush Moaffarian, a cardiologist, nutrition researcher and dean at the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science, was funded by Bill Gates of Microsoft.

Gates opposes animal farming and invests in plant protein and cell culture as alternatives.

Moaffarian ranked foods, including candies and junk foods, on nine nutritional values and assigned scores from zero to 100.

The higher the score, the better they are nutritionally.

Pork and beef sausage were at the bottom at one.

Cheddar cheese is at 25, peanut M&Ms at 35, grilled chicken breast at 57 and General Mills Cocoa Puffs at 64.

Moaffarain has been advising government officials and healthcare professionals across the world throughout his career, according to his curriculum vitae. He is co-chair of a task force preparing to present to the White House at the Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health next month..