Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dutch seize 690 tonnes of horsemeat

Dutch officials have seized 690 tonnes of meat labeled as beef, but either adulterated with horsemeat or is entirely horse meat.

The company is also under investigation for sales between Jan. 1, 2012 and Jan. 23 this year, which is when the meat was seized.

The meat that was seized is in refrigerators and freezers and the authorities say they seized it so they can conduct a thorough investigation.

Reporters have not yet been able to track down the identity of the company.

Last year it became a huge scandal that spread across Europe after horsemeat labeled as beef first turned up in Ireland, then other countries.

Much of that scandal was traced to meat-industry companies in France, Poland and Belgium.

That scandal shook the confidence of consumers in not only the integrity of meat supplies, but also food safety.

Authorities insisted throughout that scandal that food safety was not an issue. How they determined that when they had been unable to detect fraud has not been explained.