Thursday, January 30, 2014

Harper woos the Jewish vote

I find it curious that Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems to think he can woo the vote of Jews in Canada by going to Israel where he declared strong support for the government.

What's curious to me is that this same Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems to either not know, or not care, that Jews in Toronto and most of Southwestern Ontario can no longer buy Ontario-grown, Ontario-processed kosher chicken.

Harper certainly has the clout to address this grievance.

His government appoints the members of the Farm Products Council of Canada which directly supervises the national chicken marketing agency.

It's the agency that is refusing to grant the production rights requested by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario marketing board so its quota-holding members can grow enough chickens to satisfy the processors who want to meet the demand for kosher chicken.

It is, Prime Minister Harper, simply not kosher to allow this injustice to continue.

And if and when Harper does finally decide that this issue deserves his attention, I hope he also notices that the same thing is being done to the people of Asian descent who are unable to buy Ontario-grown, Ontario-processed Hong Kong dressed (i.e. head and feet left on) chickens. The same thing by the same people!

I hope he gets around to redressing that injustice before he jets off to Asia in hopes of wooing Canadian voters of Asian descent.