Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Professor raises alarm about P.E.I. farming

Prof. Daryl Guignion is warning that the way Prince Edward Island is being farmed is degrading the environment.

And he said deep-well irrigation ought not be allowed until there is more data about its potential impact on the environment.
He was speaking to the Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island when he said “I think the poor land stewardship, the degradation is beyond belief.”
“From my perspective, in the last 10 years I think we have had a decrease in soil and water conservation practices. It is just appalling,” he is quoted in the Journal Pioneer newspaper.
“If we ever get to the point where we can be bullied into giving (deep groundwater) away before we know what we have, this is very, very bad for all Islanders and future Islanders,” he warned.
“We need a water policy for P.E.I. The principal goal has to be an abundance of good water, high quality and clean. As far as I’m concerned, this (allowing deep-well irrigation) is sort of a reward for poor soil and water conservation. We have let some of our gems of rivers degrade to the point that to me, it’s almost heartbreaking.”
He decried a combination of silt and nitrogen erosion into streams and rivers.
Guignion is a wildlife biologist, researcher, and retired University of Prince Edward Island associate professor of biology who specializes in water ecosystems.