Saturday, July 12, 2014

Honey police hit generous producers

Astrid Manske and David Moffat of OtonaBee Apiary of Indian River, Ont., have been found guilty of being too generous to their honey customers.

They put an extra 330 grams of honey into their one-litre jars and an extra 150 grams into their 500-ml jars that they sold from their residence, at farmers’ markets and several stores.

First it was Paul Bailey, an inspector with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, who ordered the offending jars off the market.

Then it was the director of the OMAFRA division that refused their appeal.

And now it’s the OMAFRA Appeals Tribunal that has also found them guilty of violating Section 17 of Ontario Regulation 119/11.

They have been given 45 days to pull the jars from the market.

Meanwhile the federal government has scrapped its regulations governing package sizes which has prompted a large number of food manufacturers to reduce the amount of food they offer in their packaging.

It seems this is another type of honey-bee colony collapse.