Friday, July 4, 2014

Hybrid Turkeys faces 11 criminal charges

Hybrid Turkeys of Kitchener faces 11 criminal charges of cruelty to animals.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals laid the charges this week.

They include:

One count of failure to provide care necessary for animals' general welfare.

One count of failure to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention.

Three counts of permitting distress.

Two counts of failure to kill an animal by a method that is humane and minimizes pain and distress.

Four counts of causing distress (by killing an animal in a manner that caused suffering).

Some of the charges carry potential fines of up to $60,000 and jail sentences of up to two years.

Hybrid Turkeys says it has responded to the underground video made by Mercy for Animals by stepping up its animal welfare measure, including installation of video cameras.

It has hired an outside company to help it improve its measures.

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. has also undertaken its own review of Hybrid Turkeys animal welfare practices because it’s regarded as a supplier to the meat-processing giant.

Mercy for Animals has also released underground videos of a hatchery in Hanover and Chilliwack Cattle Sales of British Columbia, the largest dairy farm in Canada.