Thursday, July 31, 2014

U.S. politicians intensify pressure on supply management

A letter from 140 members of the United States Congress is urging President Barrack Obama to leave Canada and Japan out of a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal if they continue to refuse access to agriculture markets.

In Canada’s case, that’s a clear reference to high tariffs designed to preserve the market for Canadian dairy and poultry farmers and their marketing boards.

In Japan’s case, it is tariffs that increase whenever imports surge or domestic prices decline.

The letter warns Obama that “congressional support for the TPP would be jeopardized” if trade negotiators do not “hold Japan and Canada to the same high standards as other TPP partners.

“Indeed, we urge you to pursue the TPP negotiations without any country, including Japan, Canada, or others, that proves unwilling to open its market in accordance with these high standards,” the letter says.

The letter was immediately praised by the main organization representing U.S. hog producers.