Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Feds donate $1.6 million to boost dairy genetics exports

Woodstock - Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Dave MacKenzie, Member of Parliament for Oxford, have announced an "investment" of $1.6 million for the Canadian Livestock Genetics Association (CLGA) to help it open new export markets to boost the global sale of Canadian dairy and small ruminants genetics.

A similar grant of $1.165 million was given the same organization in February, 2012.

Why the highly-protected millionaire dairy farmers of Canada need a subsidy to promote the export of their genetics is beyond me. And yet this same Harper government justifies cutting funding for international aid and development organizations and also sicks Revenue Canada auditors on them.

This money is to be used to open new markets for Canada’s dairy, sheep and goat sectors. I'll bet the sheep and goat sectors won't see much, if anything.

The goal is a 10 per cent increase in the sale and export of dairy genetics by the end of next year. There apparently is no goal for sheep and goat exports.

The non-profit organization said it will use training and education “to differentiate Canadian genetics from that of competitors in some 45 markets around the world in order to help ensure the profitability and sustainability of the industry.”

Now that's a tall order, given that the Semex Alliance has established breeding programs in other countries, such as the United States and Europe. 
Are the bulls - or their little spermies - tattooed with a Canadian flag?

The organization has 70 livestock organizations as members; they sell to about 100 countries. Makes one wonder what the travel budget looks like.

Last year Canadian dairy, sheep and goat sectors’ exports totaled more than $120 million.

Two years ago, the feds gave the organization $1.165 million.