Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vet college calculates its economic impact

Ontario Veterinary College has the results of a consultant’s report that indicates it benefits the Ontario economy by more than $125 million a year.

It also generates about 800 jobs annually, according to a new economic analysis by Deloitte LLP.
The study was done as the college heads into another round of negotiations seeking reaccreditation. It has fallen short  of meeting standards in its last two reaccreditation proceedings and has had to scramble for money and plans to come up to snuff. It is 152 years old and is Canada’s first veterinary college.

The report said OVC provides the government with an excellent return on its investment, and contributes to the province and country in critical ways besides educating veterinarians.
“We’ve always known that the University of Guelph and Ontario Veterinary College contribute to the quality of life in our province, and this report shows just how significant an impact OVC has on Ontario’s economic vitality,” said U of G president Franco Vaccarino.