Monday, September 15, 2014

French farmers get funding approval

L’union des cultivateurs franco-ontariens has received stable-funding approval from the tribunal.

It sailed through a public hearing and re-accreditation, a stark contrast with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario and the Ontario Branch of the National Farmers Union. All of them were initially denied re-accreditation and the OFA and CFFO only regained their stable-funding status after the provincial government changed the requirements and the NFU went to court to win its re-accreditation.

The association for French-speaking farmers in Ontario receives its funding indirectly via the other three general farm organizations who forward a portion of their fees under an agreement they negotiated and the province has approved.

According to the decision of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal, the association’s membership has increased by eight per cent since the previous three-year accreditation and now totals 657 regular members.

Twenty-one of them have registered under the new government standards that came into effect July 1.

The re-accreditation is for another three years which will end Nov. 8, 2017.