Thursday, September 25, 2014

Obama seeks global food production increase

The Obama administration has created a "global alliance" to develop ways for agricultural stakeholders to improve productivity — in order to feed the world's growing population — while addressing the challenges of climate change, the United States Department of Agriculture has announced on its blog.

Feeding nine billion people by 2050 will require at least a 60 percent increase in agricultural production, the agency said, and global warming trends are a barrier to meeting the need.

The Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture was conceived eight months ago, USDA said, when an international delegation of leaders met in South Africa for the Global Conference on Climate Change, Food Security, and Agriculture.

The group's mission is to find a "more sustainable" path to food security that "preserves the environment while driving broad-based economic growth."

Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and his department of agriculture have said nothing about the meeting in South Africa and Ritz rarely mentions global warming.