Friday, February 20, 2015

Chicken directors acclaimed

Four directors of the Chicken Farmers of Ontario marketing board have been acclaimed for another two-year term.

John Maaskant
The fifth, John Maaskant, has chosen not to run again. An election will be held Feb. 26.

Those acclaimed include chairman Henry Zantingh. The other three are Adrian Rehorst, former chairman Murray Booy and Henk Lise.

John Maaskant and his brother, Hugo, took over the family farm near Clinton in 1970 from their father, Cornelius (Kees) Maaskant who was active in pushing for formation of the marketing board.

Maaskant was first elected a district committeeman in 1974 and director in 1989.

He has been a stalwart of the Ontario Farm Animal Council and is now chairman of the successor organization, Farm and Food Care Ontario.