Thursday, February 19, 2015

Schneider plant to close Feb. 27

About 190 remaining employees at the Schneider’s meat-processing plant in Kitchener have been told their last shift is likely to be Feb. 27.

But a spokesman for Maple Leaf Foods, which owns the facility, said that date remains “tentative”.

Production is being moved to a new plant in Hamilton, built to consolidate operations from a number of smaller plants, most of them in Ontario.

The Schneider family built the plant in Kitchener 90 years ago. At its peak, it employed about 2,000 workers.

The company told workers this week that 95 will likely be laid off Feb. 27 and that about 30 will remain to salvage materials, such as light bulbs and electrical wiring.

Maple Leaf has not said whether there is a buyer for the site. Part of its will be used for a stop on the new ION light-rail transit system that is being constructed to serve Kitchener and Waterloo