Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Burnbrae egg plants dissed

Burnbrae Farms Ltd. ran into persistent complaints from Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspectors during 2009 and 2010, according to a new release of documents under the Access to Information policy.

The company’s Bonnee-Best plant on Tomken Road in Mississauga was criticized dozens of times for poor housekeeping – eg. dust and mould, walls and windows that needed painting and drains that were clogged.

There were a few instances of graded eggs that did not meet standard and the CFIA inspector ordered them to be re-graded.

The situation was similar at the company’s grading station at Lyn, close to where owner Joe Hudson and his family live and have their main chicken barns.

There were, however, fewer citations for the housekeeping issues and of graded eggs that failed to meet specifications.

It’s possible that the records were sought by lawyers representing Burnbrae, the Egg Farmers of Ontario chicken marketing board or Sweda Farms Ltd., which has sued the others.

The original release of records was followed up by a request by an agriculture-industry reporter.

Eggs that failed to meet grading specifications are at the heart of one of the main complaints filed by Sweda against those two and L.H. Gray and Son Ltd.

That lawsuit, now four years old, is still tied up in procedural maneuvering.