Friday, May 15, 2015

Honeybee expert added to pesticides watchdog

The province has added two beekeepers to its Pesticides Advisory Committee.

Tibor Szabo, a honeybee expert, has been appointed to a three-year term.

A backgrounder posted on a government website says “Szabo holds Pesticide Applicators Licences (greenhouse, landscape, agricultural, and interior plantscape), a Honeybee Queen/Nucleus Producer Permit, and served as a member of the Premier's Ministry of Agriculture and Food working group on pollinator health.

“Mr. Szabo's community involvement includes serving as President of the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association.

Another beekeeper, Jim Wilson, has also been appointed to a three-year term. He is also a breeder of falcons.

The Pesticides Advisory Committee advises the government on pesticide regulation.

The Ontario government is in hot water with grain farmers over its strict limitations on the use of neonicitinoid seed treatment pesticides.  Beekeepers have blamed neonicitinoid for colony collapses.