Friday, October 23, 2015

B .C. answers Black

Look back a few articles in his blog and you will find an article about chicken manure used to get rid of homeless people camping on municipal property in British Columbia.

Glenn Black raised a number of questions about that.

Here's the answer he got from the government-appointed body that supervises the farmers' chicken marketing board in B.C.:

Dear Mr. Black:

I reply on behalf of the BC Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB), which also is the provincial agency responsible for the supervision of the BC Chicken Marketing Board.

Let it be clear – although on-farm manure management and disposal is an important part of a poultry operation for a number of reasons, manure itself is not a regulated product under the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act and the BC Chicken Marketing Scheme, 1961. Consequently, neither the Chicken Board or BCFIRB can assume responsibility for actions of individuals outside the scope of their authority. Regardless of how the boards might regard such actions or conduct.

I suggest it would be more appropriate to raise any concerns you may have directly with the authorities involved in the incidents.

Yours truly,

Jim Collins
Executive Director
BC Farm Industry Review Board

Black has answered this letter on his blog, which can be found at