Monday, October 5, 2015

Jerseys calve profitable beef bulls

Jerseys are famous for easy birthing, so they are prime candidates for crossing to large-frame beef bulls.

A feedlot in Morris, Minnesota, has teamed with a dairy farm to produce Jersey-Limousin crosses that are more profitable for both farms.

Jerry Wulf, president of Wulf Cattle, outlined the partnership and its advantages recently to a seminar held during the World Dairy Expo.

Wulf found that the crossbred bulls gain well and grade better.

In 2010, Jersey cows at the Riverview dairies were bred via artificial insemination to Limousin bulls. 

The resulting calf was called a Beef Builder and study was conducted with the University of Minnesota to see how the animals would perform.

As part of Wulf Cattle’s program calves are bought back from producers who breed with their bulls or semen via artificial insemination.

This leads to 60,000 fed cattle marketings per year through the Wulf Cattle feedlots. Beef-dairy crosses make up 25 per cent of the fed cattle capacity at the yards.

The crossbred bulls help offset the huge decline in the North American beef cow numbers.

What might work even better is embryo transfers. That way the offspring could be pure beef bulls.