Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Chicken farmers accept TPP deal

The Chicken Farmers of Canada national supply management agency says it supports the deal finalized this week by 12 countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

While it has concerns about the increase in allowable imports, it welcomes the promise to crack down on imports the agency considers illegal.

“As a result of the TPP agreement, Canada will be required to increase its market access for chicken by 28 per cent to almost 10 per cent of our consumption,” says the agency.

“This is a heavy hit. Given this additional access, we are counting on the government to cease the practice of regularly issuing supplementary import allocations.

“Nonetheless, Chicken Farmers of Canada is pleased that the government announced that it will put in place long-term, meaningful fixes to end existing practices that have cost the chicken industry thousands of jobs, millions of kilograms in production, millions of dollars in revenues and millions of dollars in GDP contributions to the Canadian economy.

“This historic TPP agreement, when combined with these long-term fixes to re-establish the integrity of the import control pillar for chicken, will provide the chicken industry with a generation of stability and certainty.

“These current fraudulent practices include being able to import unlimited quantities of chicken by simply adding sauce or other ingredients, importing spent fowl and falsely declaring it as chicken, and allowing companies to substitute high-value imported cuts with low-value domestic cuts for re-export.”