Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Canadians eating less beef and pork, more chicken

The Conference Board of Canada reports that Canadian beef consumption has declined by 31 per cent since 2007 and pork consumption by 19 per cent, but chicken consumption is up by 11 per cent.

It says the trend comes because the Canadian population is aging and therefore eating less meat to maintain health, that  immigrants shun meat for religious reasons and meat prices have risen.

The report predicts that the weak Canadian dollar will continue to support the competitiveness of Canadian food products, but softer employment growth will dampen disposable income growth over the near term.

Some of these same health concerns were cited in a 2012 USDA report of a 41-percent decline in meat consumption among U.S. consumers since 2007.

Maybe it's because chicken is so much cheaper in the U.S. that the decline in beef and pork consumption there is greater than in Canada.