Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chipotle finally launches food safety push

Chiplotle's chief executive officer Steve Ells is finally embracing food safety.

He's touring his restaurant chain, telling staff it's really important to be careful.d

And he's boasting that his chain is demanding that its suppliers meet the new "high resolution testing" requirements, which Ells said are years ahead of testing procedures at other restaurant chains

Balderdash! Doug Powell writes on his blog that McDonald's adopted high resolution testing in the 1980s,

Ells also said it's easier for other chains to practice food safety because they cook their meals. That, he said, is not the Chipotle way.

So if the risk is higher, why have the food safety protocols not also been more stringent at Chipotle?

Why did he wait until the chain was hit by food-poisoning cases from coast to coast?

Maybe because he was too busy peddling useless protocols, such as no GMO ingredients, no sows housed in crates were they are safer, no cages for egg-laying hens so they can trot around in their poop on the barn floor.

Farmers should be cheering that Ells' phoney marketing strategies are falling apart. We don't need these guys in our food business.