Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dutch hike food safety fines

Beginning in June, food fraud and food safety violations could draw fines equal to 10 per cent of their revenues.

The current maximums are 20,000 Euros which, regulators say, is so low that some companies consider it simply a cost of doing business.

The amendment to the Animal Act, which oversees the production of food, was proposed by State Secretary Martijn van Dam of Economic Affairs, but has yet to pass the Council of the State.

Dam said that “we saw in the horse meat scandal that this amount does not frighten them. We are going to change that. If they have to pay 10 percent of their annual turnover – no maximum – they will really feel it.”

The maximum fines in the Commodities Act, which deals with products already in stores, were already increased from 4,500 euros to 810,000 euros in April.