Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Chipotle woes continue

The sanctimonious Chipotle restaurant chain continues to stumble into more food poisoning outbreaks.

The toll of students sickened in Boston is now 80 and public health officials still don’t know exactly what caused their illnesses. It might be E. coli or it might be novovirus. Lab test results are expected soon.

The chain advertises that its meat has been raised on farms where no antibiotics are used, that it has high animal welfare standards, etc., etc.

But as for food safety, the litany of failures is impressive and depressing.

There was E. coli in its food served in Seattle, Salmonella in Minnesota, Norovirus in California and E. coli O26 and in at least nine states.

That’s only since July.

Public health officials in Boston shut down the Chipotle place in Cleveland Circle. Their investigation revealed an employee worked while ill.

They also found that the cooked chicken used to make burritos, tacos and other dishes was being kept at too low a temperature.