Friday, January 26, 2018

Atlantic packer signs technology deal

Bonté Foods of New Brunswick has signed a deal to gain technology and recipes from Atlantic Meats of Nova Scotia.

Bonté officials said they opted to buy manufacturing rights to an established brand in Atlantic Meats as opposed to spending “tons” of marketing dollars trying to win market share from several well-established competitors.

“This is a great initiative for us," said Barbara Ann O’Brien, executive vice president of Bonté Foods, in a news release.

"Atlantic Meats has a premium product line and a history of making excellent products that Nova Scotians love. It fits in perfectly with our plan to grow the Chris Brothers product line and we have a full product launch from zero to Atlantic-wide within three months, an amazing speed in terms of industry standards.”

Packaging for the new products will carry both Atlantic Meats and Chris Brothers logos, but all the recipes are the originals from Atlantic Meats. 

Consumers can find these products on the shelves in the meat department of their local grocery store throughout Atlantic Canada.

Sandy Dolan, owner of Atlantic Meats, which is only a provincially inspected facility, said the partnership with Bonté affords wider distribution throughout the region and will allow her company to seek export opportunities.